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Author Topic: Any plans for alternate variants in official organized play?  (Read 2690 times)

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I find it very difficult to convince people to play 2v2 on OCTGN, and impossible to convince anyone to try any other formats at all. I've invented a lot of alternate formats and no one seems to be willing to give ANY of them a chance, and even if they have I've gotten very very little feedback.

From my own experience, it seems to me like the only way to get people to play an alternate format is if the format becomes "official".  Are there any plans for alternate variants in official organized play? There are lots of variants in the variant section of these forums that are for the most part uselessly wasting space on the internet: 2v2, free for all, 1vMany, Emblems, Capture the Flag, some kind of grand melee format, mental mage wars, ambassador format, 3D mage wars, Solo/co-op, drafting, 2v2 tag-out, etc.

It would be nice if some alternate variants were used as official tournament formats. Otherwise most of them will never see play and there's no point to them taking up space on these forums.

If I'm wrong and people have been playing alternate variants with their real life playgroups, then I humbly request that they PLEASE give feedback for the variants they've played?

Hope I didn't sound too complainy or ranty. I tried not to but I'm having trouble telling if I succeeded.

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