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Author Topic: Tag Team Memorial Bash.  (Read 2114 times)


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Tag Team Memorial Bash.
« on: May 26, 2014, 09:43:16 PM »
So today in the spirit of celebrating our freedom and remembering those who made/make it possible we decided to have a cook out along with a 2v2 event at a local venue. In actuality it ended up being 1 2v2 battle, 1 battle royal involving 3 mages, a couple of 1 on 1 teaching matches, and then a 4 Mage "Predator and Prey" match. Here's how things went down and what we've learned:

-In a team battle it's really easy for both mages on one team to go super aggressive and pound on one from the opposing team if they just throw caution to the wing and catch the other team off guard. The Mages were: Force Master/Priestess being played by our reigning local champion and the runner up in our last tournament respectively facing Necromancer(Zombie) and Necromancer(Skeleton) being played against one of our better players and myself respectively. The first match the FM/PR team quickly just took out my mage before I'd even realized what was happening. That took oh about 6 turns. The second match, oh the second match went different. Employing our Cloaks of Shadow and Eagle Claw Boots first turn we great slowed down the attack pattern of the opposing force. It was a brutal and devastating fight but Team Necromancy won out in the end due to having superior creature numbers. In both matches a mages death ended the game with a win for the surviving team. I recommend in a 2v2 using 2 maps to slow down the rate of aggro and let teams build up some, otherwise you might not be playing a mage who can quickly counter two super offensive casters. Also giving more leeway to players to pick spells and keep it casual. It's a brutal style of play so be patient.

-I also played in the 4 Mage "Predator Prey" match. For those that don't know "Predator Prey" means you get a point for killing the mage to your left and after they get taken out then your "Prey" becomes whoever they were trying to kill, last mage standing gets 1 extra point. The mages were: Wizard(Air) hunting a Straywood Beast Master hunting a Priestess hunting a Force Master hunting the Air Wizard. I played the Air Wizard and got taken out first due to apparently my Purge Magic AND Eagle Claw Boots decided to take a vacation and weren't in my spell book....also I hate Force Masters...stupid Jedi get me every time. In the end the Force Master won after taking out the Beast Master in the end. This was a super fun format and I recommend it. I'll do a more detailed report on it later but man I'm beat right now.
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What we must all remember is no matter the game we were all newbies at one point.