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Author Topic: Past few days have been good days playing Mage Wars  (Read 3889 times)


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Past few days have been good days playing Mage Wars
« on: February 23, 2014, 11:59:52 PM »
Played my friend Millie and her Air Wizard, used my roommates Warlord as I'd left my books at home accidently. Awesome match between us where I kept loudly complaining at the Warlords build to my roommate who was laughing that I didn't understand his genius(honestly 6 walls?) while I got schooled in why Wizards are cool. Iron Walls might as well be made of tissue paper against lightning....and soggy tissue paper at that. Still great game and now she's ready for our event this Sunday.

Yesterday I hung out with my best friend who hasn't gotten to play much due to work and family. He was messing around with his Druid which is one mage I've tried to get down but have trouble with. He beat my newly made CURSE YOU Warlock, he beat my Priestess which surprised me(also someone took my Teleports out of that book....) but his Force Master was no match for the Warlock. Amazing day hanging out with my buddy and now he's ready for the event.

Today another friend was feeling kinda down so we made plans to play some Mage Wars and maybe work on a character sheet for a table top game. I built the CURSE YOU Warlock book for him as he's still waiting to get his core set and I used my new and improved Beast Master. Hard fought battle which saw two falcons, Galador, and most of my grizzly get cooked alive but in the end I eked out the win. My roommate smug that my inability to play his Warlord would make me easy pickings to his Fire Wizard asked for a match while my Warlock buddy went and fought another friend who'd come over with his Necromancer. Well the Fire Wizard wasn't nearly as scary as the Air but had we continued indefinitely he'd have probably wore me down. However we stopped after an hour fifteen minutes and called it a draw(I did massive amounts of damage to him but stupid Regrowth Belt...) Awesome matches both times for me today and apparently the two dark mages next table over were having the game of the gods where the Warlock barely got the win. Also now all three of those guys are ready for our event.

So yeah glad I found this game, it's a blast!
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What we must all remember is no matter the game we were all newbies at one point.


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Re: Past few days have been good days playing Mage Wars
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2014, 08:32:54 AM »
Glad you've been enjoying it so much!