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Author Topic: Forum-based Mage Wars!  (Read 4811 times)

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Forum-based Mage Wars!
« on: September 27, 2013, 12:23:55 PM »
Rules: Each user is their own unique mage. If you've memorized a spell, you can cast it. Apprentice mode stats are used. Rather than using an ability card, each participating mage has a basic melee attack and one ability. You get to make your own ability, as long as it's not OP. Use your judgement, and make sure to say what your ability card is before you join.

Rather than having position on a grid, position is marked by where your last text-based Mage Wars activation was posted. So responding immediately to someone else's post in the same thread means you're in the same zone. The forum arena can only be in the Off-Topic section. Everywhere else is outside the walls. Zone enchantments are revealed when someone posts in a thread where someone has set a zone enchantment, but only if it was the first new person to enter the thread after the zone enchantment was set. Also, if you have elusive, you can ignore the movement of an opponent to your zone if you post again immediately after them.

Each participating Mage Starts their own thread in the off-topic section, their first post being their ability card.

There is no planning phase. At the end of every post you must have a record of the markers on yourself and your objects, especially action markers. When you use an activation, you Unbold the action marker text. Like thus:

Creature: A

Creature: A

Mage: A(Qc)

Mage: A(Qc)

This competition occurs only on weekends, and ends when only one mage is left standing.

So I'll start by posting my ability:


Ability: Emoticon-artist

For 2 mana, I can type an emoticon-illusion into the forum arena. Cannot draw the same illusion consecutively. Emoticon illusions give the condition "distracted" to anyone who cannot successfully identify them. A distracted mage must target the illusion before they can target me. The illusion disappears when it is attacked or someone correctly identifies it.

Basic Melee attack (3 dice, and everyone has this)
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