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Author Topic: Spellbook Builder public beta  (Read 9212 times)


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Spellbook Builder public beta
« on: November 11, 2013, 02:05:02 PM »
Welcome to the public beta of the Arcane Wonders Spellbook Builder. The SBB is a Javascript application that runs in your browser to allow you to create, edit and save spellbooks for Mage Wars.

You can find there Spellbook Builder here


All files are saved externally to your hard-drive and are read via your web browser. No files are saved on the Arcane Wonders server so you will need to keep track of your own save files.

In addition to saving files in its own format, the application will also export XML, text and CSV formats. We have plans for other export formats and those will be added in a future release including a forum-specific export format so you can post your spellbooks to the forum.

The application uses a significant amount of Javascript and consequently you will need to be running an up-to-date browser. The latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox should work and anyone running IE10 or better should have no issues. The application has been tested using IE9 but have not been tested under IE 8. Anything older than IE8 will definitely not work.

As this is a public beta test there will be bugs and issues that need to be addressed.

If you find a bug please post it to the forum


If you have a feature request there is also a thread for that


The application is not feature complete. There are several features that are going to be worked on and added to the public beta as we continue to develop and get more feedback from gamers. Currently you can open and save spellbooks, export them and build spellbooks using cards and Mages from the Core, FvW and CoK expansions. The DvN expansion will be added soon.

The public beta is an opportunity for us to get help from you to make sure the application is robust and also meets your needs. As such we've developed the core functionality for the application to get that tested as soon as we can and we will continue to tweak and modify the application based on your input.
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