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Special Rules for Gen Con 2013?

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I know that I need to bring a spell book (preferably with cards sleeved), and that all other materials will be provided at the event. I have seen that Origins used a 75 minute game... will that be the case at Gen Con?

Also, are the cards that came out in the second expansion allowed to be used? I know nothing about these cards, so my games will be slower as I get explanations for them, and believe that I will be at a disadvantage as I may not have the newer cards that will meld well with my spell book in place of others that I am using.

Are there any other "special" rules that we need to be aware of?

Is there an errata list anywhere in existence (preferably here) that shows which card texts need to be revised?


Dave look at the FAQ for the errata...

I too have a question about the GenCon Event. 

Can I use expansions in my spell book or only the base set?


1. All cards that a released are legal as of their public product release date. 

2. Promos that are not released in public products are not legal.  I.E., Galador, Protector of Straywood IS legal, because it has been released in an actual public product, whereas Healing Wand is NOT legal, because it has NOT been released in a public product.

3. Thus, all cards in these products are legal: Core set, Spell Tome 1, Spell Tome 2, Forcemaster vs. Warlord, and Conquest of Kumanjaro.

I think that's all.  Hope that clears things up.

Thanks for the assist!

Still 75 minute games?

I wish my local game store had the new expansion now....


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