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So, in the background material, it talks about the Bog Queen living in Darkfenne. Will we ever hear more about this character and her background? I'm always very curious when people talk about a long forgotten civilization and such. Is there any direct ties between her and the different tribes in Darkfenne to other than they fight each other?

Thanks for posting.  We are going to start putting froward more information about the nations of Etheria, but here is some clarification about Darkfenne.

Darkfenne is a regions of fetid swamps and foggy moors created by some form of magical corruption.  It is gradually expanding, and threatening to consume the other nations that surround it, though only the Elves of the Straywood seem to be seriously concerned about this possibility.  The swamps are home to many of the creatures that fight in the Mage Wars Arena, including the Darkfenne Bat and Hydra.

The are two powers that share occupation of the Darkfenne.  The first are the Tribes of the Howl.  These are humanoid wolves that were created as a result of an experiment undertaken by the Wizards of Sortilege to build a better warrior.  A couple of the creatures escaped, and began to breed true.  In the centuries since this occurred, the Tribes of the Howl have populated the moors of Darkfenne.  

Although intelligent, the Tribes of the Howl still think like the wolves the originated from, and so have organized themselves into Packs.  These packs struggle for dominance, engaging in ritual combat over mates and territory.  The leader of the most powerful pack serves as the High Prince and leads the other Tribes of the Howl.  Currently this position is vacant, as the last High Prince, Goran, was captured by the Warlocks and has been forced into fighting in the Mage Wars.  This has lead to an increases in battles among the Tribes of the Howl, but no one has been able to claim the vacant High Prince's throne.

The other part of the Darkfenne is under the thrall of Morweena the Bog Queen.  The history of Etheria is filled with kingdoms that have been destroyed by magic and warfare.  Morweena was the Queen of one such Kingdom, whose name has been lost to history, which used to occupy the land that is now Darkfenne.  Morweena and her people were slain by a rival kingdom with a magical plague.  Centuries later, when the magical catastrophe that created the Darkfenne occurred, she was returned to un-life as a Bog Mummy, while the rest of her subjects were reanimated as various forms of undead.  None have seen the Bog Queen since her revival, yet the Necroplian Vampires, once the nobility of this long vanished kingdom, have began to appear in other parts of Etheria as well as battle in the Mage Wars.

Post any other speculations, ideas, or questions about the Darkfenne and its nefarious inhabitants here.

ohhh does this mean the necroplian vampires will be playable as mages?  or is that what the necromancer will be?

I'm not privy to if there will be a Vampire Mage or not.  As for the Necromancer, we have something else in mind for them, but I think the Bog Queen would be interested in knowing that there is another powerful group of undead in the world.  And their is not guarantee that two powers will be friendly when they meet.

If you're interested in helping the Bog Queen achieve her goals, or want to hinder her efforts, then participate in the Mage Wars organized play, which will give you the opportunity to shape how the saga of Etheria unfolds.

I really like the mystery behind the Bog Queen. Since the Darkfenne really don't have a representative in terms of mage's in the game yet, I find this to be a place full of speculation and guess work. I really look forward to seeing how this area shapes out.


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