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Author Topic: Warlord Intro-guide Revamp  (Read 2429 times)


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Warlord Intro-guide Revamp
« on: June 18, 2013, 07:00:22 PM »
I think AW should release a newer intro-guide for the Warlord, similar to what the company did with the Warlock.  It's been my experience that a lot of players who try out the Warlord try very hard to swarm with creatures, but to little effect.  The mini-rule/guide that comes with the expansion appears to heavily encourage this style of play, while it should be emphasizing the Warlord's access to powerful defensive creatures like Thorg, and his ability to command them.

While I understand the Warlord vs Forcemaster expansion is geared more towards experienced players, I think the advice the product gives about the Warlord naturally sets up any kind of player for failure, and gives them the impression that the Warlord is a comparatively poor mage when the Warlord actually has a lot to offer if you play him to his strengths.

Thus, in the interest of forming a good first impression about a very cool mage, the Warlord, I would suggest releasing an online modification of the Warlord's starting spellbook and intro-guide to emphasize his powerful defensive and offensive options.  For example, I think explaining specifically about his powerful bodyguard Thorg, deadly swordsman Sir Corazin, sturdy Iron Golems, meaty Orc Butchers, swing-y Dwarves, and his ability to improve them with various powerful commands like Whirling Strike, Battle Fury, Charge, and so on, along with his access to the powerful Earth school would give players a better impression that the Warlord is a commander of an elite squad of veteran creatures first, and a general of an army second.

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