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Well  I had a surprise this morning. It appears that despite the moderation requirements that spammers are slipping in a posting their noxious posts.

As such I have changed the forum slightly so that until you have made two posts, you are going to be required to get your posts approved.

This added feature should hopefully stop the spammers or at least make it more difficult for them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Is it still two posts? Because this is my third one and I still get the:

Note: this post will not display until it's been approved by a moderator.

message when I make a new post. Kind of difficult to add to a discussion if it needs to be approved each time, especially when living in a different timezone from the moderator :)

They have to first be approved. Your limit should be lifted soon if it hasn't already. Sorry I've been sluggish ;-).


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