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Author Topic: scroll of magic  (Read 3806 times)


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scroll of magic
« on: April 15, 2013, 02:40:46 AM »
I´ll do 3  types of scroll, one for
-cost 5 - Level 1 or 2 - Novice.when you play this scroll bind a enchantment or incantation up to level 2 from your book, when you use this scroll discard it and use the enchantment or incantation at no cost and use the same action as the spell that you binded. You can´t use this scroll the same turn you summoned. You can have several scrolls summoned.

-Cost 5- Level 2 -Novice when you play this scroll bind a attack spell up to level 2.......

-Cost 10 -Level 3 Novice- when you play this scroll bind a attack spell up to level 3.....(epic)

It´s only an idea , Whats your opinion? too powerfull?


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Re: scroll of magic
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2013, 11:25:59 PM »
You need to consider and present the details of this as though it were an actual card. I can't tell for sure what you are intending.

I can tell you that your cost scheme does not make sense. It needs to be tied to the bound spells in some way, not just arbitrarily set costs. Also, I can also tell you that the casting cost of an enchantment is only 2 the reveal cost is the often real expense and I don't see how you could thematically tie that to a scroll.

Here is my best guess at a reasonable way of setting up a scroll.

Arcane Scroll  Equipment, Metamagic            School: Arcane, lvl 1
Cost: X         Quick Action      Range: 0-2     Target: Mage

You may bind a non-Epic incantation spell from your spellbook to Arcane Scroll. Immediately before or after your mage takes his action phase you may cast the bound spell as a free action paying the full cost of the spell as normal. Destroy Scroll after use. X= Level of Bound spell.


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Re: scroll of magic
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2013, 12:02:30 AM »
should also point out that all novice spells would cost 1 spell point regardless of level. a new word "common" short for "common knowledge" could be used to describe spells where the spell only costs its level regardless of school
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