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Events / Re: Colosuss Belt
« Last post by zot on November 07, 2022, 11:53:20 AM »
very interesting idea. good luck to all who enter. sounds like a fantastic event. i am guessing that most would rather it be best of 5 since that would take less time. but as i am not entering, i have no stake in the outcome. but would be glad to assist in other ways if needed.
Events / Colosuss Belt
« Last post by Knabbmaster on November 06, 2022, 10:54:07 AM »
Colossus Belt, named after the card, will be a series of matches where the current champion takes on one challenger at a time, if the challenger wins they become the champion. To keep the title the champion needs to arrange a match at least once every 3 months. Since there is not a champion at the moment, the two most qualified challengers (among those who are interested that is) go up against each other.

I will be one of the players in the first match (see rules to qualify further down).

It will be a 1v1 best of 7, using the most recent playtest rules. No restictions on which books you use for each game. The games will be scheduled induvidually, just like in other online events, with the goal to finnish within a month.

I initially wanted it to be a Bo9, but I don't want this to last long enough to coincide with the playtest tournament and I think it is good to test the waters with a Bo7 first.

If several players are interested, someone will be picked on the 14th of November by the following tie-breakers:
TB1: Your highest placement in a tournament in the last 2 years, (must at least be top 4).
TB2: How recent that tournament was.
TB3: Your highest placement in a tournament all time.
TB4: How recent that tournament was.
TB5: My choice (and later on, the champions choice).

The tournaments I'll look at are GenCon, German Nationals and the ones held by Arcane duels, more might get added. If nobody sings up before November 14th, whoever signs up first gets to play.

The reason that I'm following a set of rules is so that I or a future champ will not get to choose who to play.
If a player loses a match they are not allowed to participate for the next, but they may compete after that.

If you are interested, reply here on the forums or message me on discord, I'd also be happy if you mention your most relevant tournament result(s) and it's date. You are more than welcome to sign up, regardless of how good or bad you are, right now I'd just be happy if anybody sings up.
Events / Re: mage wars weekend indy
« Last post by zot on November 01, 2022, 09:25:38 AM »
next mw weekend looks to be 12/9-11 here in indy. please reply here if you are interested in making it and i will provide details for you. thanks.
Events / Re: mage wars weekend indy
« Last post by zot on September 30, 2022, 10:56:58 PM »
considering 12/9-11 for the next mage wars weekend here in indy. canvassing to see how many can make it.
Events / Re: Winter Mage War
« Last post by VictorE on September 21, 2022, 08:03:08 PM »
Just to be clear, the rules for the event are currently in flux. I welcome input on what you would like.
Events / Re: Winter Mage War
« Last post by VictorE on September 21, 2022, 07:28:56 PM »
The idea is that unless people vote to allow those cards, you do not have to print anything out. Only printed cards are currently going to be allowed (not including promos). If there is a card that has been changed though (such as Zombie Brute or Disciple of Radiance, then the changed version will be used. I just write a little slip of paper and put it with the card for changes rather than print things out. We will only use new or promo final release cards if everyone agrees.

Thanks, I fixed the typo to reveal.

Also, I didn't say, but in past Winter Wars, you had to use the same mage the whole tournament. We have been throwing around the idea that you can have 2 mages prepared. Also would allow you to have one mage with new final release cards if your opponent agrees. Each game, you would reveal your mage of choice at the start at the same time as the opponent. But unless both agree, you'd use the non-final release deck. That is just an idea. I am waiting for feedback.

For those that compete, you will need to have your spell counts printed out or written out too, but if you can't do that, we can always count them at the event. Also, as in the past, I do not share any decks unless permitted by the creator.
Events / Winter Mage War
« Last post by VictorE on September 20, 2022, 09:40:59 PM »
The Champaign Winter War Convention <https://www.winterwar.org/attend> is February 3-5, 2023 in Champaign, Illinois. Single Day Tickets are $10 per day or $15 at door. All 3 days is $15 in advance or $25 at door. That is just for the Convention, there is no additional fee for our game. The winner gets a voucher for a free Winter War registration, and I hope to buy trophies again too.
I submitted for up to 12 players. It would be great if we can get 12 players (could actually handle up to 16). I'll have at least 1 game set up to teach anyone new as before. Hope to see you there.

The rules that I submitted, but they are up to debate:
- The most recent rulebook I have is from 2017. I think it is the 3rd Edition and Codex Supplement 4.2. Codex and Clarifications from the unprinted as of yet Lost Grimoire 2 are also used. We will wait to see how the vote works out for whether or not the new mages will be used.
- Any currently available card that is also included in the Mage Wars Arena Final Release, will use the Final Release version.
Other rules I didn't see in the above documents
- Steep hill will block Line of Sight if you cast a spell and it goes through two diagonal sections of the zone.
- Symbiotic Orb triggers during the Avoid Attack Step
- The Embalmed - When summoning the Embalmed, remove target non-Epic Living creature in any discard pile from the game. This creature becomes a copy of the removed creature, gaining the Embalmed traits and subtypes. X = the removed creature's mana cost.
- Fizzle Clarification - Once Fizzle has been cast, the enchantment cannot be revealed. If it is a mandatory reveal, then it is not destroyed if it would be forced to be revealed this round.
- Arcane Zap costs 2 mana
General Discussion / Re: Can OCTGN work on a MacBook?
« Last post by ricravisa on June 14, 2022, 07:37:52 AM »
Does anyone think upload a picture of my computer's screen could help?

Here is Included how to download OCTGN on mac

Download OCTGN: [http://octgn.net/Home/GetOctgn]
Launch Terminal.app
Install Homebrew (a package manager for OS X) [https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install]
Install git brew install git
If asked to install Command Line Tools, klick yes. Else xcode-select --install
Install XQuarts brew cask install xquartz
Install wine brew install --devel wine
Install winetricks brew install winetricks
Configure wine. WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-octgn winecfg Do not install Mono! Set windows version to 8 in the configuration window.
Install OCTGN dependencies WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-octgn winetricks -q vcrun2010 dotnet45
Re-configure wine, set windows version to 8. WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-octgn winecfg
Install OCTGN (fingers crossed) WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-octgn wine PATH-TO-OCTGN-INSTALL.exe (NOTE: Replace PATH-TO-OCTGN-INSTALL.exe with the full path to your downloaded OCTGN installer). Choose yes on following prompts. Make sure "Run OCTGN" is selected. If you see flickering artifacts, just close the application – it should be fine when you run it next time.
Launch OCTGN with WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-octgn wine ~/Documents/OCTGN/OCTGN/OCTGN.exe. This is how you launch OCTGN from now on, but I've created a small applescript that you can download here that makes it easier to launch: http://goo.gl/oo2iRI. Download and unzip, and double-click. If you followed the instructions it should launch OCTGN.

Also, I want to share one thing, if you're looking to replace your Mac to other variant then I would love to highly reccomend to taking MacBook Pro m1 cause apple says" the new chip deliver 18% better CPU and 25% better GPU performance over the previous design”. it's true MacBook Pro price in bd is much higher compare to other county. I want to listen to it from an expert. Otherwise, this is an amazing device to play anything or heavy work, also Which have ability to gives you faster using experience.
Spells / Re: Alluring Orchid Question
« Last post by zot on May 21, 2022, 10:09:02 PM »
that is a good question. i think the changes are only for arena. but coshade would know for certain.
Spells / Re: Alluring Orchid Question
« Last post by DaveW on May 20, 2022, 05:46:55 PM »
Are the changes going on now going to impact Academy play, or just Arena? So... in other words... would the original Aluring Orchid be the spell in use in Academy, or would the new spell be used in Academy as well as Arena?
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