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Spells / Top 10 (LVL 2 Creatures)
« on: March 04, 2021, 02:24:45 PM »
Since Magewars Wrap up is taking place and finishing up I am interested in seeing and hearing everyone’s favorite cards from the giant list of available cards. 

To start off lets focus on my favorite card type....Creatures

Here are my top 10 lvl 2 Creatures I enjoy playing with the most

1)   Izimbila, Daughter of Badgers/ Timber Wolf (bench mark for strength durability and attack for the cost)
2)   Thoughtspore  (toolkit card for FM and a fun card to experiment with)
3)   White Cloak Knight (2nd Favorite academy lvl 2 creature, non-effected by attack spells is huge)
4)   Sosruko, Ferret Companion (only taunt in game which can affect the mage, super strong and annoying) 
5)   Force Phoenix ( dissipate force creature that helps others stay out longer, while having reanimate)
6)   Death Head Scorpion ( solid level 2 animal subtype with the taint effect attack)
7)   Blue Grimlin (hits hard, can be tough to kill, and great mobility)
8)   Steam Elemental (maybe my new favorite and could be eventually be number 1, tons of potential)
9)   Thornlasher (snatch chance, low cost creature with range attack, love combo snatch through bloodspine wall)
10)   Noble vanguard ( love the guarding traits and ability to get two attacks per round) 

General Discussion / Re: MW arena update 2020
« on: July 23, 2020, 10:31:27 AM »
Yep lots has happened. Arcane duels are working with Arcane Wonders for last errata for a few cards and rules.  As well as balancing and release of all unreleased promos.  And a mini expansion for Arena Monk and Elementalist.   Playtesting all errata and cards currently on OCTGN. 

General Discussion / Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
« on: July 17, 2020, 10:21:29 AM »
Also not sure but I voted I’m pretty sure I voted for number 2 and 4 for the knight yet it marked me for 1 and 4.  I’m not sure if it was a glitch or a user error on my part.

General Discussion / Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
« on: July 17, 2020, 10:18:36 AM »
Vote for 4 for the knight.  Or 2 both have great interaction with lvl1 creatures! 

General Discussion / Re: Create a Card - Together!
« on: June 24, 2020, 01:00:03 PM »
Here is my desire for flaming sword art with angel.  It will be a lvl 2 equipment enchantment for weapons. It would give warlocks, holy, and monk in school ways to deal with various threats.  Having lots of flexibility.  Cost and level may need change for balance. 

Imbued weapon

Weapon gains flame trait and a 7+ to burn       
When declaring an attack this Weapon May gain additional traits by  paying one mana each: unavoidable, ethereal, reach

Lvl 2 holy or fire:  subtype light,fire, martial
0-2  target weapon, 2 hidden 2 reveal

General Discussion / Re: MW arena update 2020
« on: March 18, 2020, 12:33:41 AM »
Yea I think change is just too scary for some. I wish we could go back to more arena expansions but AW has for some reason abandoned It.  I think if we could take the best of everything and almost have a buffet of all the content with playing MW original or MW new edition, or both together it would get the love from past, current, and hopefully a new audience. 

I don’t feel the questions were biased.  It basically gave everyone the opportunity to say which side with either no change, some change, or more changes.  I thought the survey was informative and addresses issues most players have presented to the forums.  Is AW perfect, no but I think for the future of the game, it needs a new version.  Most games don’t stay at 1.0 and survive. 

That said I would be happy to have a new core like Zot mentioned that just addressed some keyword issues and add nothing more but more mages.  I would buy it and it could still have a newness that tweaks the rules a tiny bit and have an updated ruleset to play with the original content.

General Discussion / Re: MW arena update 2020
« on: February 25, 2020, 05:12:45 PM »
I will make a few statements that I hope seem to settle the crowd. 

1) please don’t bash the community.  Even if it is relatively small community that “posts”, not every player posts on this site that enjoys the game or discord in fact.  Not everyone is like us who enjoy this aspect for the game.  Discussing, arguing, giving feedback, and criticism is small portion of the group. 

2) lots of players have played and gone is it a problem?   

It is going to happen to any game, I think with more support from the company and a better release schedule it would have kept players invested for a longer period.  Players are still meeting and competing at conventions.  The player base has dropped, but not a ton.  We are getting new players interested still in the great game at every event, and the community could grow if players stay invested. 

3). Should arcane wonders do a better job in supporting their games?

Yea I would say there is always a need for growth.  A more steady model of releases would be helpful with a game like this. 

4). Am I happy with the product?

  I love this game and feel with or without expansions I am happy with the current product. 

5) Now is everything perfect with this game? 

No.  minor tweaks could make the game better and a competitively better experience . I will make a big post about the improvements I would like to see in the future.

6).  Do I hope for more content and maybe a new edition? 

Yea I think some reworking will do wonders and it would spark more interest from new players. 

7) could the new edition get the same love as the original?

 I think it could if done right. Change is always scary and  any tweaks to the system will ruffle feathers. 

8). Being released in 2012 how often do games that are collectible stay successful in the market? 

I would say a five year period is about where card games peak until either a new edition or big update is needed to spark excitement again.  This game is 8 years old and it time to put some new polish on it and give an overhaul to generate the excitement again. 

9). Will you play the original edition? 

It Depends on how get 2.0 is.  If it sucks, original will always be the go to version I play on a regular basis.  But if 2nd edition is good and dare I say better I am totally committed  to play the better game.  On if there is two groups I will play both.

10).  If the new edition is backwards compatible will it hinder the new edition or help? 

This one question, I could say yes and no.  I lean towards yes it would hinder the creative process and at worst scare people off of the game who may see the current card pool as too overwhelming. Sometimes games need a reset, and I feel it is in need of one to get to the next evolution.

I would like to think that arcane wonders could handle backwards compatibility but I think for any company it would take some creativity and a way of marketing 2.0 to pull it off correctly. 

In any case someone is going to complain about something.  Just don’t make general statements about the people and community involved especially if somewhat untrue.  It is ok to disagree and debate.  We do that on discord all the time and it is healthy to not agree with everyone.  What is not healthy is being toxic and bashing a game or its player base without providing ways for improving.  Let’s just be more civil to one another it is just a game.  And have fun with whatever you choose to make a gaming priority in life. 

League / Tournament Play / Re: Mage Wars in Saint Louis, MO
« on: February 20, 2020, 09:09:32 PM »
Hey cast28,  I visit St. Louis to see my parents off and on.  Next time I am in town I will let u know.  I know a few guys that used to play a lot at different game stores in town.  Not sure how much they play anymore.  I will definitely contact you when I know I’m going to be visiting. 

General Discussion / Re: MW arena update 2020
« on: January 21, 2020, 04:33:48 PM »
I’m all for backwards compatible.  I think it is possible but if some big things change such as cost for cards goes up or down or big sweeping changes it maybe rather difficult.   

  I understand outrage if the next version is not but if MW 2.0 is good and not compatible with 1.0  I may feel slightly disappointed but I would totally invest in the game if it is a great game.   

Things to consider for pro backwards compatible

1).   Newer cards such as dispel, dissolve if reprinted with different stats swap out old and new cards. Simple fix
2). Maybe fixing cards that are either too cost efficient (zombie brute) or underwhelming costed cards (earthquake).  Easy fix new cards replace the old
3).  Designers could go with a totally new mage designs or alternate mages with different abilities and allowing the old mages to be used as well
4). Also one thing that could be discussed is only allowing MW 2.0 cards in game store or convention tournaments.
        A) keep a new MW 2.0 community fresh and not feel oppressed by too much content. 
        B). If things are slightly not the same balance just removing MW 1.0 from competition. 
(Of course players or organizers could decide to do a rule variant allowing MW1 and 2 to happen for players who want the nostalgia of the older game).

Opposing the backwards compatibility

1). May spawn more creative outlets with freedom to not make MW exact clone ( could be good, could be bad)
2).  Also frees up the newer community to latch onto a brand new version without the pressure of being the completionist/highly competitive Or new plAyer who may feel overwhelmed by all the cards  and options from an older version
3). Adding polish new card backs, new art, tweak the rules to make the game slightly faster less complex in certain ways but keeping the complexity, competitive, version we know and love. 
4). Allow the creator to correct some mistakes withOut the chains of the original (even tho its a wonderful game)

I think we need to be a community open to changes.  MW 2.0 will most likely have changes and hopefully those changes do not upset the current community too bad.  I think there is room for improvement and with full support from AW with regular release cycles and keeping interest in the game growing and expanding it will be a great for expanding the community and allow new players to jump on board. 

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Niche Animal tactics
« on: December 18, 2019, 11:28:39 AM »
Great thread DaveW.  I have enjoyed this thread a lot and have been contemplating ideas for this for a while.  I really want to try out your altar idea.  I have a book in the works that uses a similar method. 

The Beastmaster and nature school in general has the best creatures imo.  They are so diverse and buff-able with all the in school spells, abilities, and in-school or animal synergy healing potential is really dangerous to the opponent.  I also appreciate all the out of school animals that offer even more variability to the beastmaster.
Thanks for this again Dave, this offers some good insight to the nature school!

Animal Tactics-----FarkaS Take


This little ferret can trigger a lot of hate.  He is best used on a mage, a familiar, or a big threat.  Stopping a full action from a mage is this creatures most valuable asset.  Using him once to stop a mage from full casting a creature at Gencon was an epic feat at Gencon 2 years ago.  Sadly, he died to a drain soul a turn later. Better him than a drain soul to my mage. 

Silver Claw Ratel with use of Lair and discount ring/faerie

Now not great for combo of altar or packleaders cowl.  A pet ratel that has damage is very dangerous.  Throw on a wolf fury and now we potentially have a 5-6 normal attack with another 3 die attack because of double strike. 
11 life, 2 armor, 2 piercing.   15 mana total.  Set up with a lair tho , and or a ring/wychwood faerie to use one less fullcast and 2 mana coming from lair and one less mana from ring/faerie. Making it only 12 mana to set up.

Lair offers many of these creatures an outlet to come out cheaper and be more effective and making especially the silver Claw Ratel shine!

Thornlashers with creature charge combo

Now the great thing about thornlashers are they are in school.  Combo them with setting up your charge creatures attacks and or repositioning the enemy creature to get off another charge attack is excellent.
Mountain Ram, feral bobcats, lion savagery creatures, and or rajan’s fury

Unicorns rule

Dorseus maybe a new favorite of mine in my beastmaster.  Seeing this combo play out in ADMW Season 2 was very fun to see.  He is an animal and can heal other creatures keeping things you want alive longer.  Highland unicorn is also a great asset and can heal a whole group of little critters for a long time.  Even countering the pesky idol of pestilence or even an enemies consecrated ground and stench of death.  Now I am not sold on the lowland unicorns because of their spellbook lvl seems a little high to me, but is an option.  You could look at is a lvl one creature and life tree combined with one less quick or full cast but it still would be 4 Sbp so you lose 2 sbp for something else.  Lair also casting them is also just an amazing

Darkfenne Owl 
I like using poison blood a lot and this gives an option for the straywood to quick cast it and prevent any healing in the zone.  same sbp and a creature on the board that can damage things.  this even blocks dorseus from using his special healing ability.  Now this owl only has a one die attack. But it always happens for me or against me.  One die faerie throwing 2 damage crits out.  Try it now with the pesky owl, So much fun. 

Last but not least Snakes/reptiles!!!!

Darkfenne Asp, Swamp Serpant, and Or Tegu

Now like mentioned by DaveW not great against the undead, non living and necromancer.  However, they will require much effort from your opponent to figure out if it is a real threat.  Most likely they will see and receive the hate they maybe deserve.  Darkfenne Asp are great for attacking and removing guard markers having a 58% chance to dodge all regular attacks.  Rots can be also a great counter to those low life creatures you fight against other non-nature books.  Not bad options either imo. 

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Offerings to the Ghoul
« on: November 19, 2019, 05:30:24 PM »
Unfortunately kralathor obliterates the creature so u could not take out of graveyard since the creature is removed from the game. I thought it would be cool to double the effectiveness of a creature dying but it does not appear to be a way to do it  atm.  It sounded like the greatest idea tho Zot!!! I had the build in my head of how I was going to attempt it.

I like the build Dr Mambo!!!

Rules Discussion / Re: Goblin bomber and Scepter of Undeath
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:53:50 AM »
I had this issue come up with a damaged mummified Swordmaster,  basically it only worked on first attack than normal each additional.  So I assume zone attacks work the same way.  That is a great idea for the bomber tho !!! I like to try it out myself

Events / Re: Winter War 47 (Jan 24-26, 2020)
« on: September 03, 2019, 04:04:25 PM »
Yep we will be running an event again this year.  It will be a tournament most likely similar ruleset form last year.  We had a solid crew last year and expect a better turn out this year.   Hope u can make it Dave! 

A couple other things I do agree that crumble and disperse have the mana advantage but I still feel I see more dispels and dissolves than any of the other remove card spells.  I would say remove curse definitely hurt the curse game.  But I don’t believe the removal game is inhibiting a rush style book anymore than their counter parts.  Heck purge magic is in the base set and totally ruins most mass enchant builds. 

Stalling out, slowing down is a natural counter to rush builds.  It does take precious actions and mana to do tho. 

So counters like nullify, can get avoided and in my opinion I’m seeing less use of in many matches for good or bad.  But most of the time a player is going to double up maybe even triple up the spells like enchantments, equipment ect. they know they need. That maybe potentially removed. 

So the counter to the counter is just to cast more equipment or enchantments than the opponent can deal with.  The only removal game I’m not fond of is mana denial/drain and thankfully it is not fun to play or not popular in the meta. 

Okay that being said those are my opinions and observations.

What would you Jacksmack like the cardpool to be or what specific changes would you make for Mage Wars to be the style of game that would improve the variability of play styles? 

One solution and could be an easy fix is by only allowing Arena cards and banning all academy cards in tournament play.  This would allow for a different meta to emerge and avoid some of the problematic cards that seem to mostly academy focused.  I wouldn’t mind a smaller card pool or contained card pool for small tournaments.  It would be interesting to try out.  I know the convention up North East uses core set for first rounds ect.  That maybe too restrictive for players who like other mages tho. 

First of all I want to address the obvious flaw in your reasoning:

if you disagree with this feel free to try any fast book of yours and attempt to beat my triple spawnpoint necromancer, my gate wizard....and for the sake of it... i could make a Priestess abusing the above mentioned cards as well.

The problem with that statement is that you are in the top 90 percentile of "experienced mw players"  / competitive players. So you probably beat 9 out of 10 players who challenge you regardless of the deck you use. So if you beat someone it's not necessarily because your "triple-spawnpoint+ritual"-deck is stronger, but because you just played better, sry ~  :p


That aside, it would be hypocritically of me not to admit that my own 2 strongest books are both using the Ritual  and are both spawnpoint-builds.

And that nicely leads to the point I want to make:

How do you define a fast/rush book?

1. First thing that comes to mind is probably this answer: By the amount of spawnpoint the book uses.
Example: If you are playing without a single spawnpoint you are by definition a rush/fast-book.

2. Another approach might be the question "in which turn does this book want to engage the enemy under regular circumstances?"
Example: If your strategy is to hit the enemy mage at least in turn .. 5? Then it's a rush book.

3. We neither ask how many spawnpoints a book has nor do we let an arbitrary number of turns decide if one book is a rush book or not, but we judge by the question: "What is the strategy of the mage?"
Example: If the book is tailored to attacking only the mage, never other creatures, conjurations or spawnpoints, then it's a rush/fast book.

Honestly, all of those ideas have merit. As long as we haven't even established what exactly a fast/rush book is, it's kind of strange to discuss how effective those books are.  Because everyone is talking about a different book in their mind.

Taking up my earlier comment about how my two strongest books are ritual and spawnpoint books, I would also categorize them as aggressive, maybe even early aggression-books. But I would not say that they are rush-builds.

Maybe a good way to figure out how aggressive a book is to ask how fast they get to their dmg-peak or near it?

1.  spawnpoint builds can be still very aggressive like mention in your last comments they may not mean rush build.  I would say a battleforge can support a rush and out of all spawnpoints it has the best potential to support a big buddy mage, or solo mage.

2. I would classify rush book as engagement anytime before round 6.  typically turn 2-4 are where I see a rush book being more effective to a spawnpoint sit in corner and pump out creature book. 

3. I would agree in all points so far.  including the goal for winning condition for your Book/mage has alot to do with if your book is a rush book. 

The last comment is what I am finding out too that goes against the slow, long games that has been mentioned by players is that ritual books speed up slow long books.  Players will get wreaked real quick by a few big creatures swinging 5-7 dice each attack. 

That said... is ritual of kallek card in particularly good for the game, I dont know yet.  I would say in tournaments it does have the highest potential to get a nerf or bann from all the released cards so far.  I still think it is too soon to start nerfing any potential card, but that is my personal preference.  If there is a majority that think otherwise I am fine with the decision.  Again good topic and good debate.  I don't think it is an easy decision for future tournament organizers.

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