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Website Support and Feedback / Welcome back
« on: May 03, 2013, 10:09:36 PM »
So the new forums are up and running. There may be a few glitches here and there but hopefully nothing serious.

Your old account and password has been transferred. You do not need to reregister. They system will ask you to re-enter your password when you first log in but that is just to verify it.

Possible errors
• You may need to edit your sig. Most of them should have transferred over but some might need a tweak.
• With a few exceptions none of the Avatar images are transferred so you will need to go into your Forum Profile and upload it again.

New features
Tapatalk is enabled. So if you use it on your iOS, Blackberry or Android device you can now read and post to the Mage Wars forum with it.
• The RSS feeds will now work. I am not sure what the issue was with the old site but the RSS feed for the Kunena forum was only displaying new posts intermittently.

If you see any errors or anything that isn't working 100% please post it here with a URL to the topic and I will fix it.

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