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Creative / Trying to make a 4 player skirmish board
« on: July 05, 2013, 04:24:16 AM »
Hello fellow gamers,
this is my first post here so... well, hello again.

Though i'm quite fresh in MW world, me and my fellow gamers are already head over heels with it.
Recently, theres a pressure to do some 4-player skirmish matches. There's an idea i have to make a homemade board, larger of course than the one that comes from the box. The thing is i don't want to just double the size of an arena as i suppose it is often done in 2p. vs 2p. matches. What i try to do (and wonder if it would work) is a 5x5 tiles arena for "every man for himself" 4-players deathmatch.
I have a little doubt about it's size - it may be too big (not in terms of space needed for play but mechanic-wise). On the other hand it will have only one tile more (25 total) than the two standard boards merged together (24). Plus the existence of a tile in perfect center makes a nice spot for a kind of "king of the hill" homemade scenarios.

So a question. From your experience - is such an arena a viable thing in game and worth the effort?

And a little additional question. Do you think Arcane Wonders guys would be so kind and (if requested) send me the graphics of the original arena so i can edit it to a 5x5 size (and share it here and bgg of course if the results are satisfactory)?

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