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Strategy and Tactics / To give or to keep first initiative
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:14:25 AM »
Some short notes on this "first initiative" thing:
When I started the game I thought the higher effect die wins and gets first initiative: "Horray, I can start first!"
Then came a longer period where it was clear to give first ini if you win it to be able to see what the opponent does in R1 and to be able to react on that: "Always give first ini except you planned something special where you have to have ini in round x"
At the moment I tend to keep first ini for the following reasons:
Most of the times I stick to my planned first round anyway (based on my main strategy and biased by the opponents choice of mage). Often, the choice of mage implies more than his play in R1 (polemic: the info that it is a necro has more value than knowing that somebody plays a crystal in R1)
Even faster decks often start with something "uncertain" like flower + Wynchwood faery (e.g. the nasty Beastmaster by s3chaos), so if its not a super fast deck it often still can lead anywhere after R1. So if he starts action in R2 after minimal economy in R1 I like to have the info right there to be able to react on that. If he continues building up in R2 I can assume that he will play slow(er).
Therefore, the information advatage in round two has often more value than in round one. Completely excluding timed rush decks (on both sides) of course.
To quote some young mage who thinks about paladin openings all day: "Any thoughts?"

The title says it, Im searching for an alternative to reading the forum in HTML mode on my iPhone.
Is there a way?

General Discussion / But seriously, when?
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:58:15 AM »
When will we be able to (pre)order PvS?
Seems like AW went into hibernation after GenCon. The pacing is anything but perfect, everybody got excited by the spoilers, and then....................nothing? At least a short note would be nice, but facebook and the website are out of action since a month?

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