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Rules Discussion / Vampiric? Dmg caused vs Dmg received
« on: September 14, 2013, 02:16:51 PM »
When determining the heal amount gained after a successful Vampiric attack is there any difference between the Damage Dealt vs the Damage Received?  Basically I'm asking if the enemy loses NO life do you gain life?  Or do you only gain life based on the amount of life you took?

The rule book says "When this attack "causes damage" to a Living creature, the attacker heals up to half the "damaged caused" (round up).

So what is damage caused?  Is it damage from the attack regardless if it is absorbed by armor or negated by effects or is the damage caused to the enemy (ie wound counters placed or damage taken by mage).

Q1. Does armor that "absorbs" damage still count as damage or is it only damage that is actually done to the enemy that counts for how much you heal?  Like if you do damage but inflict NO damage counters or damage to the mage at all (they lose no life) do you still get to heal?

Q1. Example.  Necro Vamp attacks rolls 3 regular damage, enemy has 3 armor so the enemy loses no life at all, does the Necro Vamp heal 4 or heal 0 since she didn't inflict any damage on the enemy.

Q2. When something says you "cancel up to X amount of damage" when you "cancel" damage does that treat it as if it was canceled and doesn't exist or does it treat it as absorbed.  I am not sure what cancel meant exactly.

Q2. Example.  Necro Vamp attacks rolls 3 regular damage against enemy Wizard with Voltaric Shield active.  Voltaric Shield "cancels up to 3 points of damage".  Since the Necro Vamp didn't get through the shield does Necro Vamp heal 4 or 0 since she didn't inflict any damage on the Wizard.

Based on the above that would answer this question.

Bonus Question:

Necro Vamp deals 5 regular damage (no crits) to an enemy with 3 armor so she only take 2 points of life (inflicts 2 would counters) on enemy.  Does Necro Vamp heal 3 or 1?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Divine Vampire Spell Book
« on: August 31, 2013, 01:44:13 PM »
I thought I would give this Divine Intervention + Necropian Vampiress strategy I've seen a try, but need some advice on how that opening works.  I am usually a pretty slow player (build up mana, spawn points, defenses) before I attack, so attacking early seems a foreign concept to me, but figure try everything once in life, ha.

Question 1:  How does the opening work?  I put a sample of how I "think" it might work, but since I'm pretty new I'm not sure if this is not smart or if there is a better way for it.

Question 2:  I included my deck list for this Divine Vampire Priestess build.  Feel free to pick it apart and offer any cards you would advise I add/remove.  I am still pretty new (only played 8 games so far total) so kind of a newbie so any advice is much appreciated.

Q1 possible strat:
Turn 1:
20 mana available
16 Necropian Vampiress
02 Divine Intervention (face down) on NV
02 mana left

Turn 2:
12 mana available
02 Bear Strength (face down) on NV
10 Divine Intervention (reveal & port NV to opposing mage)
Attack Mage with Vampire
00 mana left

Turn 3:
10 mana available
03 Bear Strength (reveal Bear Strength & Attack Mage w Vampire) - if she isn't already dealt with somehow
07 mana left to cast if needed

Deck List:  Sorry it isn't broken down by category, I can do that if you need me to.  The deck builders I've seen that do that don't seem to have all the cards listed.  If there is a better deck builder to output to .txt file please advise.  This one was created via deck builder @ --> http://www.gameknight.org/MageWars/

4Asyran Cleric4
2Bear Strength4
1Cobra Reflexes4
1Crown of Protection1
1Deflection Bracers2
1Divine Intervention3
1Divine Protection1
1Gray Angel3
2Guardian Angel6
1Highland Unicorn3
1Ivarium Longbow4
1Lay Hands3
1Leather Boots1
1Mage Wand4
1Mana Flower2
1Minor Heal1
1Necropian Vampiress12
1Renewing Spring3
1Reverse Magic4
2Rhino Hide4
2Royal Archer6
1Samandriel, Angel of Light5
1Selesius, the East Wind5
1Storm Drake Hide2
1Sunfire Amulet3
1Temple of Asyra3
1Valshalla, Lightning Angel5
43 spells, 120 spell points

Rules Discussion / Attack Dice and/or Effect Dice Modifiers
« on: August 26, 2013, 09:23:34 AM »
I'm a little embarassed to even ask this question, it should be simple but I guess I'm just not 100% sure so figured I'd just ask.

When a card says +2 Fire
Does that mean if it is attacked with a fire based attack...
A) 2 additional attack dice are rolled
B) 2 is added to the effect die roll
C) A+B (+2 attack dice + 2 to effect die)

Similarly if armor says -2 Fire or -3 Air etc does that work the same as above?

* bonus question (but related)
Wall of Thorns gets +2 Fire damage
If a fire attack with burning was tossed at it can the Wall of Thorns catch on fire and have a burn counter placed on it, or are conjurations immune to effects like that.  Since wall of thorns says it is "living" I didn't know if that meant it could be effected by things that effect living creatures or if it is immune because it is a conjuration. 
Can you heal conjurations?  Like because it is living can you heal it?

Are walls different then other conjurations?  Or is a conjuration a conjuration.  Like a Mana Flower can you heal a flower since it is living?  Can it be effected by effects similarly to creatures?  Can you burn a Mana Flower etc?

Same question for non wall conjurations/non living conjurations can they be effected by stuff like burning?

Rules Discussion / Multiple Damage Shields
« on: August 22, 2013, 02:42:08 PM »
If a creature has more than one damage barriers on does the defender choose which one attacks back when they get attacked?  Can you have more than one damage barrier on?  Is that even allowed.

I just had a fight where my opponent played the Warlock and was using the Demonhide Armor for the (Armor +2) trait but also had a Circle of Fire on for the damage barrier.  Is that allowed to have armor in your chest slot with a damage barrier and an enchantment damage barrier or does he have to pick one or the other? 

So would it be he could have the Circle of Fire but not be able to use Demonhide Armor,
or he can use Demonhide Armor but no Circle of Fire.

There are so many ways to win in Mage Wars, and different strategies and paths to victory.  There are theme builds, there are combo plays, there are various "win conditions" and counter points.  With all the variety at our disposal but still a limit of 120 spell book points I'm just curious how you all find a "balance".

I have so many things I want to try out but they don't always fit with a current mage or build.  So I'm wondering if it is better to not mix and match strategies too much (ie devoting a large number of spell book points to diverse strats) or if it is good to mix strategies so as to not rely on any 1-2 win methods.

So far what I have been doing if I want to try a different "theme" or combos is do that ONE (or two) different related card set ups that make sense with a particular mage, and then try another different set up with another mage, but for the first time I've been considering "combining" totally different things including double+ spell book cost ones, but I am not sure that would spread me too thin.

Generally there is a base set of cards and I build from there.  I'd have to eat into the base to make another strat work.  So if you had two things you wanted to try do you combine them in one deck or do you just play them separately in two different games?

Spells / Mana Crystal vs Mana Flower ???
« on: August 09, 2013, 02:21:04 PM »
Mana Crystal vs Mana Flower ???

If you aren’t playing Arcane or Nature which do you generally choose? 
I like the regen on Mana Flower but I like the armor on Mana Crystal so I can't decide which is best.  Let's assume you don't know which mage you are playing against so the fire/water vulnerability isn't a factor.

I generally put 2 of these in every deck I play.  If you had to put TWO in would you use…
A.   2 Mana Crystals
B.   2 Mana Flowers
C.   1 Mana Crystal + 1 Mana Flower
D.   Other? (less/more other?)

So far in every book I have played regardless of Mage I play:
Mana Crystal OR Mana Flowers
1 Moonglow Amulet
1-2 Harmonize

The purpose of this is I generally try to keep my channeling min of 2-4 mana higher than my opponent the entire game (more if I can).  I did just have a game where I was regenning 14 mana per turn and my opponent was getting 6 mana per turn with upkeep costs.  An extra 8 mana per turn really helps stack the deck in your favor!

I find mana suppression/advantage techniques work well for me since my play style and opponent both generally favor longer matches.  But I’m also trying to balance it (as has been discussed action advantage vs mana advantage).  I know mana alone won't win me a game, it is what I do with it that counts too.  So far I have found regenning more mana to be hugely beneficial though so I'm trying to refine that part of my game.

Thanks in advance, I am a new mageling and appreciate any advice guidance on mana advantage (or any advice) you have.  You guys are all so awesome and helpful in these forums, it is a great resource and community especially for people like me new to the game to learn and grow so I can become a master mage like you guys. 

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