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Custom Cards / Re: The Mighty Alchemist
« on: August 09, 2013, 07:03:44 AM »
Looks like a cool concept Fentum.  :)

Custom Cards / Runelord/Glyphmaster
« on: August 08, 2013, 01:35:15 PM »

The Runelord would very simply have mastery over making any type of rune or glyph.
Rune glyph would manifest itself in game basically in the form of Conjurations/Enchantments (basically like trap cards for zone runes, or buff enchantments for glyphs).
Pro:  Highly versatile (multiple school of magic, primarily elemental)
Con:  VERY Enchantment focused, which has positional and dispellable limitations

Although it might sound a little similar to the Elementalist idea, it really isn’t since it isn’t spell (incantation/creature) focused, it is rune enhancement focused.

I’m not exactly sure on school of magic and points but just to toss something out there it would basically be something like:
Primary school – Arcane *
Secondary school(s) - Single cost for all elements Enchantment spells only
I don’t really see a need to make anything triple cost unless you think there should be?

*Arcane would make sense because of enchantment control and Enchanters Stone.  * I think that is name of it.

Some general ideas for how this works and plays out in game…

Runes – conjuration/traps (think fire trap like, but expand the options)

* Lightning runes – small damage plus stun any enemy walking on rune (trap)
* Water runes – small healing (regen) for any friendly creatures on rune (zone)
* Wind/Air runes – grants flying to non mage friendly creatures on rune (buff)
* Earth runes – hinders/slows enemy movement (trap)
* Fire runes – small damage plus burning any enemy walking on rune

You get the idea – they basically work like traps but they aren’t 1 time use they are “runes” that the Mage casts on the zone so they have a persistent effect.
Runes would work like conjurations – so they can be destroyed (like Caltrops).  Also for balancing issues so it isn’t too powerful maybe for the Mage to maintain the rune effect it would cost 1 mana per upkeep per rune (this would eliminate having 20+ runes floating all over the arena).  You would have to ‘select’ which ones to devote your magic to maintain and which are no longer needed and they would disappear/wink out.

Glyphs – enchantments (think Bear Strength, but you can’t cast these on people you cast glyphs on Equipment to enhance it’s effect or give it other magical abilities.)

* Wind/Zephyr boots – Boots of the Zephyr (yes I borrowed that from EQ Next), it would grant the wielder of those boots the ability to temporarily fly by spending 1 mana (same as Necropian Vampiress fly ability) – I think flying mages is too powerful hence the temp limitation
* Earth glyph – can be cast on chest slot equipment – strengthens and toughens the item enchanted granting +1armor & +1toughness
* Water glyph – can be cast on any ring slot equipment – water glyphs imbue the item with magical regeneration granting +1 regen +2 fire resist
* Lighting glyph - can be cast on a weapon slot equipment - lighting glyphs imbue the weapon with a lightning damage proc (2 dice damage & 8+ effect stun chance)

You get the idea.  I’m trying to think of clever ideas to ‘combine’ a couple effects for each glyph, but not make them too strong.  All the enchantments in game now mainly do ONE thing (+2 regen, +2 armor, etc) so I like them doing more than 1 thing but to a lesser effect because you could mix and match runes to great effect and more versatility vs the mage you are fighting and situation you are in.

-Since there are limitations glyphs (enchantments) are carved/imbued into the equipment itself so it does NOT require mana per upkeep to maintain the effect similar to maintaining zone runes.

Limitations (purposefully built in for power balance):

You are enchanting EQUIPMENT not creatures.  I think eventually the game should let you equip CREATURES not just equip mages (why can’t I give my angel a sword which gives it an attack ability choice or equip it with armor?) but regardless it limits it because if the equip is destroyed it destroys both.  I am trying to give a wide range of flexibility without being too powerful so working within magical limitations.  I am also trying to make equipment be more versatile and valuable, imbued boots or a sword with a lightning proc would be a bigger deal if it was disolved.

The other limitation is simply that conjurations and enchantments can be destroyed dispelled.  Again I'm not intending the arena to get cluttered with persistent effect cards, plus thematically that wouldn't make sense, and gameplay wise would be too powerful, so this provides I think balance but also adds a fun element with more variety.  There are TONS of ways you can go with runes and glyphs, I only tossed out a couple ideas.  The other fun thing is any mage could use them (just like most other cards not in their primary class) but would just cost them more, so it would add fun options to ALL the mages so if you have a favorite mage you can use these on them too!

Extra channeling definitely makes a difference (unless the opponent is running high aggro/rush), and even then it still helps.  I liked your comment of balancing action advantage vs mana/channeling advantage.  Every game I have more channeling then my opponent I've won and I feel it is a significant factor (not the ONLY factor of course) but it is one of the keys to success.

I usually try to target a gap of 4 points of channeling (ie I channel 4 more mana than the opponent).  That can be accomplished by denying them mana/making them pay upkeep for their creatures and of course increasing your channeling.  If you are channeling 4 mana more per turn then them, every 5 turns you get to cast a big 20 mana cost creature or two medium creatures or extra spells, it all adds up over time.  It becomes a game of overwhelming them which they can't get caught up from.

You can't go total mana denial and focus on your channeling though or you get steamrolled while you do it but toss a creature add mana, toss a creature deny some mana, toss a spell add more mana etc seems to work for me.

Alternative Play / Re: \
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:37:05 AM »
That would be kind of cool.  As in chess you have ALL your pieces out on the playing field at the beginning of the game, so that is the biggest difference.  It could work similar to how Summoner Wars works also I could see that being viable.

If you got X points to put X creatures/conjurations etc out in the arena and then went at it chess style that could be really fun.

Custom Cards / Re: Mechanic: Madness/Terror
« on: August 06, 2013, 02:04:31 PM »
I love the terror idea Red!

This would be a great positioning tool, especially useful fearing a slow creature, it would take them several turns then to get back to you.  It would have to be sufficiently expensive like 2 mind 1 dark or 2 of each.  I like the combo of dark and mind for it since I've always thought a dark/mind based Fear spell/incantation would be a great add.  Basically if it isn't a psychic immune creature the next move action has to be in the opposite direction of caster of fear.  If diagonal the person can choose (since it is still 'away').

Rules Discussion / Re: Game plan and "cheat sheets"
« on: August 06, 2013, 01:06:54 PM »
Being an Excel geek I really like your format and set up Nitro.  Very cool.

Oh that is a great idea.  I'd pay for some lessons from you master mages!  Us little magelings like myself could learn so much.

Custom Cards / Re: Creature Card Ideas: Nature School
« on: July 30, 2013, 08:05:03 AM »
It would be cool if there was a nature based creature that had something that would add vines to a creature, and instead of immobalizing them entirely it would make them slow.  There are a lot of 'stuck' conditions and things that hinder movement but instead of immobalizing entirely they would just be 'snared'.


"...John is correct that we are planning revised wordings of these cards for a release next year.  We would have to cut cards from Druid vs Necro, to fit in these reprints.  Though we do have mages down the road who it makes far more sense would use these cards.  We decided to work them into a set where they would also fit thematically..."

All I can do is direct you here, where they discuss it slightly.


It was said that they will be reprinted for a new set where they fit, however that wasn't planned until roughly 2014. If they will change the core set printing to modify it however, I do not know.

Q1.  Why would they have to 'cut' cards from Druid vs Necro to include these in that set?  Couldn't they include whatever cards are going in that expansion AND include these cards?  Seems if they would make a change they wouldn't want to make customers wait until 2014 to get new cards and in the mean time have to use make shift ones.  Or at least make the update closer to the expansion that it would be released?

Q2.  Since it mentions it would be printed in a new set where they fit, and in the 'future' there would be mages that could make use of the new cards does that mean the Druid will not include Holy as one of it's types so the Druid can't make use of the temples, or by 'thematically' it just means it wouldn't meld well with it's general strategy?

Rules Discussion / Re: OR equipment location
« on: July 29, 2013, 02:18:06 PM »
Yep I meant Deflection Bracer, sorry was getting it confused with the boots.

Thanks, I was kind of hoping I would have the option to destroy his Bracer when I replaced it rather than it be returned to him after I stole it, but that makes sense that he would get his Bracer back that I previously stole.  I didn't end up replacing it after I stole it from him, but good to know for next time in case it comes up.  Thanks.

Rules Discussion / Re: OR equipment location
« on: July 29, 2013, 12:19:50 PM »

related rules (p 20): if you cast an equipment in location already occupied, the original equipment is returned to owners book...............others [some equipment] may be worn in location of choice.

This isn't exactly the same thing but I have a related question.

Scenario: I am currently wearing Leather Gloves.  My opponent is currently wearing Reflex Bracers.  I decide I want Reflex Bracers instead of Leather Gloves so I cast Steal Equipment incantation.

A.  Am I correct to assume that the Leather Gloves would go back in my spell book OR since I am not 'swapping' them for something else in MY spellbook would my Leather Gloves be destroyed?

B.  If I decide after a period of time I want to replace his Reflex Bracers with another piece of equipment, does his Reflex Bracers go back from my hand to his spellbook or would the Reflex Bracers be destroyed?

Since the rule states "the original equipment is returned to the owner's book" I wasn't sure how that worked.  If it was always returned to the book or if there are cases (other than you can't legally equip the equip) that the equip is destroyed rather than returned.

Custom Cards / Re: Creature Card Ideas: Holy School
« on: July 29, 2013, 07:40:26 AM »
Ya and Angel deck would be fun!

Custom Cards / Re: Pegasus
« on: July 29, 2013, 07:39:37 AM »
Oh ya non mage and level restriction makes sense and is good for balance. 

Would you limit it to one creature or adds flying to all non mage creatures under level X in zone?  The trick with picking only 1 creature is you'd almost need a flying marker for the one you pick, where 'any' that meet the restriction you would just know so I'd think all that meet it would make more sense and be less confusing.

Like the Unicorn that already exists gives all friendly creatures regen +2 so it is easy to remember.

Anyways I like the idea.  I'd totally put a Pegasus and Unicorn together in a deck.  Fun idea and not too OP or unbalancing really.

Custom Cards / Re: Red Bull
« on: July 28, 2013, 10:31:13 PM »
And then they crash and are stunned or dazed at the end of the round?  ::)

Custom Cards / Re: Pegasus
« on: July 28, 2013, 10:29:56 PM »
And give it a special ability that it can add flying to one friendly creature in the same zone as Pegasus.  That seems a reasonable ability and the trait already exists.  Kind of like the Unicorn adds regen to the friendly creatures in zone a Pegasus adds Flying to friendly creature in zone.

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