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Creative / Re: $6 magnetic status board.
« on: March 19, 2014, 07:21:00 AM »
Welcome ozmo!

Ya know, I never knew about push pin magnets....makes me wounder what else I have been missing in my life.  ;D

Off topic / Re: Mage Wars Table Top RPG
« on: March 02, 2014, 03:01:09 PM »
I agree.

I've had a P&PRPG on my mind for MW since it came out.

Off topic / Re: Mage Wars Table Top RPG
« on: March 02, 2014, 08:51:22 AM »
Well one thing you can do is make your own campaign setting in Etheria. With the OP kits, there is a bit to go off of, and enough world lore on the main page to get you going.

I toyed around with a RPG that uses the mage wars cards and a vatican type spell system.

Using the new amazing pen and paper RPG systems that are out there- it would be VERY easy to make some Mage Wars based campaigns, but not only that, easy to implement systems for spells and mages.

Fate core and Savage worlds could support a mage wars RPG with very little work and big payoffs.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Bringing all mages on par!
« on: February 26, 2014, 07:24:15 AM »
No- its not creep. Creep is when new cards are so powerful it makes old sets obsolete. (Essentially)

And I am a big proponent for "Bleeding the color wheel" for mage wars, I always have been.  Its not even really bleeding in mage wars for most effects.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Bringing all mages on par!
« on: February 26, 2014, 06:47:36 AM »
I do feel like we are taking the right steps to get there.

Obscure: more obscure should put more pressure on any of the version of the "Spell slinger" wizard

Extinguish ettra: Ok, this one bothers me like no other...the rules book never said anything about targeting...but one little line in the codex did and caused alot of problems...but the point is, its fixed.

More "Little" combos: I was never more pleased with myself in mage wars then when playtesting the Necro Vs. Druid and with a rain cloud in a zone with my druid, and a spiting raptor in the zone next to it, took out a Adramelech just by taking his armor down and going for a "Easy" kill

Now, better card distribution is getting could say I have a ballista for a wizards tower, but one hard part is that the wizard gains so much from any elemental cards that come out, as well as making so many great tricky arcane cards. I think we really could print some more cards that have a close effect but be from a different school- such as

Turn to Rust: Enchantment-Nature
Target equipment is destroyed if hit with a water attack


Turn to Rust (V.2) Incantation- Nature
Target equipment is destroyed at the end of the next round.

Now, that really doesn't take way from the water spell dissolve, and while dissolve is not a problem per say, I think we should be applying this sort of thinking to some new cards. Which, we are. Tunnels for the warlord is a teleport "With a twist" which, is what I think we need to do. Put a twist on some more card effects that are thematic for a different school. Nature can get a ballista- it just needs to be a swarm of elvish archers.

Creative / Re: Magnetic Double Status Board Case
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:51:54 PM »
Very cool!  ;D

For on the go- you could jam some dice and tokens in there! Love it.

*Off to find pencil case

General Discussion / Re: Looking for spare cards
« on: February 13, 2014, 07:20:46 PM »
I've seen singles sold on ebay before...but for what they ask, your better off buying another set.

General Discussion / Re: Wow a Meg of Posts..well almost...
« on: February 11, 2014, 03:59:41 PM »
I remember when Shad0w it 2000.....

I'm waiting for my post count to hit 9001- so I can have my profile pic be vegeta with a scouter. 

So, I hear this a lot about resilient, non-Ethereal attacks against Ethereal targets. Only two sides of the die can cause damage and even worse it is just 1 point at a time.

Dice are needed here to kill them, very simple. I have some theories, when I get them test I will post more.

But ethereal has a counter. You can use ethereal attacks.

Resilient has no counter.

Resilient has a counter- its critical damage. Just because there isn't a card out right now that deals all critical damage, or converts normal damage into critical damage (As normal damage can be converted into Ethereal damage), or any variation of that, doesn't mean there wont be and it doesn't mean that its somehow not a counter.

Ethereal is to Incorporeal as Critical is to Resilient.

Again, its not just a side on a die- its a type of damage.

Resilient has a "Counter"...... its Critical Damage.

just give it time. Its a damage type and not just a side of a die for a reason.

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Beating the Necromancer with the Beastmaster
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:25:57 PM »
I would say keep that pressure on the enemy mage. If you can distract the Necros army by just moving around, but have pressure on the necro, you have a chance. Flying, abet all of the tools at the necros disposal to deal with it (Such as skeletal archers, mame wings, and attack spells) a flying Grizzly bear has saved me from the necro in many a game.

If you can- keep his army occupied with one of the BMs creatures that have a defence and guard as much as possible to keep your mages zone safe.

Another route is to buff up that BM, and aggro the necro ASAP. The BM can get buffed rather quickly so if your build is ready to do so, use that. Either the Necro is going to have to deal with you, or he is going to summon a mass of undead. If the BM is buffed and in his face- he is more likely to abandon his plans to try and try to Dispel your Vampirism and Bear Strength.

The necro uses Wall of Bone and heals them often- this is for a good reason....he NEEDS that time to set up. Have Eagle Claw Boots at the ready and use them! Climbing is amazing for a mage.

My best advice for any build when fighting the Necro is to take away his time he needs to set up. and if he gets set up, keep using ranged attacks, move around the arena, and use tricks such as force spells, walls, stuck conditions, tangle vine, anything to hamper movement- and then even use the Bloodthirsty trait against them with creatures that have crazy defence (Which the BM has).

General Discussion / Re: Boiling the frog.
« on: January 14, 2014, 11:02:23 AM »
HA! I too blame Tom!  ;D

And yeah- actually Mage Wars has been my cheapest addiction, so Im ok with it.

And I believe that this game will still be one of the best games out there in 20 years. I honestly believe that.

So....think of it as an investment!

Not if I eat it all first!!  ;D

Happy B-day to you (In advance) and thank you for your birthday wishes!  ;D ;D ;D

And yeah- it was whisky....couldn't be better.   :P

I've just had a few problems with my profile in the past and accidentally went to "Modify Profile" and thought....." that a slice of cake!?!? Why...."

Wait......wait a minute- its because its my birthday isn't it?!?!?

Yep- I bet its because its my birthday.......I forgot about my birthday........

well..........At Least Mage Wars didn't' forget!

(I would feel dumb- if I wasn't so egotistical.)

You know what- Im ok with it.....I am a huge fan of cake and all of its recent work....Sometimes I carry a fork in my pocket Just incase I have an encounter with a slice of cake. is there a slice of cake next to my age in my profile?

Is it because I am sweet?

Its under the "banana stickers" that have anything to do with it?

Did GLaDOS hack into my profile again.....because I told her that it was over. 

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