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Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Complete Collection of Spell Books
« on: September 06, 2015, 10:58:50 PM »
The mage wars scene in Australia is non existant so i am forced not to play anymore. It saddens me

you make a good point, i have been lackadaisical the past few months. ill update this soon.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Mage Wars: Casual [Beast Master]
« on: September 16, 2013, 07:47:52 PM »
I did fix the bloodthirsty part but must not have saved, thanks.

I find that these 80 decks save some time when I play with friends and also if I want to run demo's. as I can have 4 80 pt books which will work fine for apprentice mode.

the beast master was fairly easy to make decks for because i have played several games with him, since i haven't played the warlock much i will find him the hardest so i will be guessing most of his decks.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Mage Wars: Casual [Beast Master]
« on: September 15, 2013, 08:35:28 PM »
Howdy Mages

i am designing a new way to build decks for Casual players of mage wars, who dont want to build decks from scratch.

in this "Spellbook Design and Construction" forum i will be posting the  Deck information for each mage as i create it. once i have made all the decks i will combined them into one file for everybody to have access to and post it in "alternate play" form.

Mage Wars Casual consists of 2 changes

1. a handicap channel system where the weaker mage gets +1 to +5 channel depending on there ability (not relevant in this topic)
2. a casual spell book guide, which consists of a 80 pt spell book core and then your choice of several 40 pt "themes" to add to make a full 120 pt book

Note: i decided to make this because i am in the position where i am the only person in my circle of friends who owns magewars. so my friends like to play but don't have the time to make spell books from scratch and the recommended books are to predictable.

ok so that is my intro now here is what i need from you fellow mages. most of my Cores are based of a stripped down recommended deck. i would like to post what i think is a good Core + Themes and i would like any advice. Any information like "i cant believe you forgot X" is fine, additionally if there is a nice Theme that i forgot completely feel free to add it.

Note: these were made in excel and Word so i did my best to translate it into this forums code. i know its hard when all the font is the same size

i will present the text in this maner

Mage Core Deck
Alt Mage Change to Core Deck
Theme 1
Theme 2

so here is the first one

Beast master
Equipment Bearskin 1
Mage Wand 1
Regrowth Belt 1
Ring of Beasts 1
Staff of Beasts 1
Conjurations Lair 1
Mana Flower 3
Rajan's Fury 1
Tanglevine 2
Wall of Thorns 2
CreaturesCervere, The Forest Shadow1
Emerald Tegu1
Feral Bobcat2
Mountain Gorilla1
Thunderift Falcon2
Timber Wolf2
EnchantmentsBear Strength2
Bull Endurance1
Cobra Reflexes1
Eagle Wings1
Rhino Hide1
IncantationsBattle Fury1
Call of the Wild1
Minor Heal2
Piercing Strike1
Rouse the Beast1
Jet Stream1

Johktari Beastmaster
EquipmentMage Wand-1
  Staff of Beasts-1
  Hunting Bow2
EnchantmentsBear Strength-1

Theme Builds

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsTooth & Nail2
  Mohktari, Great Tree of Life1
  Wall of Thorns1
CreaturesBitterwood Fox4
  Feral Bobcat1
  Sosruko, Ferret Companion1
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
  Thunderift Falcon1
  Timber Wolf1
EnchantmentsCheetah Speed1
  Marked for Death2
  Mongoose Agility1
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsCall of the Wild1
  Group Heal2
  Minor Heal1
The Swarm build takes advantage of the best master’s cheap creature assets. This swarm will get great effectiveness with the original beast master’s mage skill “Quick Summoning” which will allow you to summon a level 1 animal creature spell as a quick spell. This allows the beast master to summon 2 creatures a turn, or 3 if you also have a lair.
Your goal with a swarm build is to get set up as early as possible so you can summon 1-2 creatures every turn.  Although as all your swarming creatures will have low life points so your level 1 creature will die easily, especially If the other mage has zone attacks.
•   Summoning a large creature such as a steelclaw Grizzly amongst your swarm early will be a good distraction to keep your little creatures alive and attacking.
•   Avoid using single target enchantments on your small creatures as they become ideal targets for the other mage.
•   If you don’t think you can defeat the other mage quickly try changing to a more sustainable solution. Adding a Lair and Ring of beasts allows you to save 3 mana a turn.
•   One of your strongest combos will be having Rajan's Fury and Tooth & Nail already on the field, Then Cast Call of the wild while revealing Marked for death on your target. This will give +2 melee, +1 charge and +1 piercing on every creature that attacks that round. 3 more attack dice effectively double the amount of dice most level 1 creature’s role for attack.

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsTooth & Nail1
CreaturesBitterwood Fox4
  Dire Wolf2
  Redclaw, Alpha Male1
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
  Timber Wolf2
EnchantmentsBull Endurance1
  Cheetah Speed1
  Marked for Death1
  Mongoose Agility1
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsCall of the Wild1
  Force Push2
  Group Heal1
  Minor Heal1
The Canine build takes advantage of Nature schools highly mana/cost effective Canine creatures.  The timber wolf is the most cost effective creature in the game, with 10 life, 2 armour and a 4 dice melee attack this means it will beat most level 2 creatures in a straight up fight.
This book can be played similar to a swarm book, but also gives you the option to bring larger creatures that can withstand more attacks. In contrast to the Cats theme, canines also provide greater defence capabilities if you wish to protect your mage.
This build will work with both beast masters equally well. You can use the standard beast master to summon creatures faster and give them the Pet buff, or use the Johktari to give your pack +1 melee for each attack against the “wounded prey”
•   The timber wolf is the most cost effective creature in the game, with 10 life, 2 armour and a 4 dice melee attack this means it will beat most level 2 creatures in a straight up fight.
•   Turning a timber wolf into a Pet Timber wolf is great value. The Pet boost makes it stronger than most level 4 creatures and some level 5’s.
•   Use Redclaw, Alpha Male to buff all canines in the same zone as him. +1 armour and melee can usually prevent your weak Fox’s from getting killed in a single attack.
•   Dire wolfs are good in a pack of wolves or as a solo hunter, however be aware that “bloodthirsty” will force you to attack wounded prey. This isn’t always bad, as it allows you to ignore taunts if there is another wounded living creature in the zone.

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsTooth & Nail1
CreaturesFeral Bobcat1
  Giant Wolf Spider2
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
EnchantmentsBull Endurance1
  Cheetah Speed1
  Marked for Death1
  Mongoose Agility2
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsCall of the Wild1
  Group Heal2
  Force Push1
  Minor Heal1
The cats book uses the assassination abilities of the Cats to kill key targets quickly. Cats do have lower life and armour value compared to Canines but have the Defence ability, allowing them to have a chance of evading the incoming attack completely.
Each Cat comes with different traits so you can focus on what creature is best for the situation. you can use your creatures to make fast attacks, ignore armour, ignore guards and restrain your enemy.
This book choice is not the easiest book combination the beast master can use, but you can’t underestimate the power of unique attacking combination this book has.
•   If you want to make a sudden attack, use the Ferak Bobcats +2 charge.
•   If you need to get around heavy armoured creatures use Makunda’s ability to grant all cats +1 piercing to shred through armour.
•   If you target is protected by guarding units use Cervere, The Forest Shadow and it’s elusive and Fast trait to ignore other creatures guards.
•   the Giant Wolf Spider can use his  web attack to cause creatures to be “Stuck” which will restrain them. Restrained creature can’t Defend the zone, so this is another way to ignore guarding units. Note: the Giant Wolf Spider is not an animal so it does not benefit from any “animal” buffs
•   The only non-legendary cat creature is the bobcat, therefor it is not recommended to turn one of your cats into a pet. Instead convert the steel claw grizzly or Mountain gorilla into a pet. This creature is far better suited to defend your mage if needed.

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsEnchantment Wardstone1
  Tooth & Nail1
CreaturesBridge Troll1
  Fellella, Pixie Familiar1
  Feral Bobcat-2
  Galador, Protector of Straywood1
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
  Tarok, the Skyhunter1
  Thunderift Falcon-2
EnchantmentsBear Strength1
  Bull Endurance1
  Cheetah Speed1
  Cobra Reflexes1
  Falcon Precision1
  Mongoose Agility1
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsBattle Fury1
  Force Push1
  Minor Heal1
The elites book ignores all of the beast masters lower creatures and adds some serious big creatures. this book grants you a large variety of large creatures to bring into battle, each with unique abilities.
Don’t play this book like a swarm book, you will run out of mana too quickly. Instead choose only a few creatures to summon, and pick which will be best suited for your opponents. Then use all your resources to keep them alive and increase their strength with your enchantments.
•   Use Fellella, Pixie Familiar to place enchantments on your creatures. not only can she allow you to enchant creatures greater than 2 zones away from your mage, but also due to her flying can enchant creatures over walls.
•   Turning a steelclaw grizzly or a mountain gorilla into your Pet gives them a stat boost that makes them one of the strongest creatures in MageWars. While turning a timber wolf into a pet is a cheap way to get another strong large creature.
•   Use Tarok, the Skyhunter if your opponent is a mage with strong flying creatures ie Warlock and Priestess. Its high attack damage and defence’s against flying creatures are great.
•   Galador, Protector of Straywood not only has a ranged attack but also gives you a chance to daze and stun.
•   The Bridge troll is very resilient and will take your opponent a long time to kill, use him as a distraction. Although avoid using him if there are fire attacks, or Finite life spells in play.

Rules Discussion / Re: Chain Lighting... and +2 Lightning first target?
« on: August 29, 2013, 10:24:26 PM »
unless of course any other target in the "chain" is also +2 lightning, then for that role you would add 2 more dice

Spells / Warlord; single hand options
« on: August 25, 2013, 03:40:52 AM »
the warlord has 2 in school weapons he can choose from

War Sledge (2 handed)
ivarium Bow (2 handed)

both of these cost 2 in school as par for most mage related weapons.

the problem is you cant equip a horn and once of these weapons because of course you must get a one handed weapon. Assume you want a competition grade book (no promo's until they have been officially released). then the only single handed weapons that are available for the warlord to use are

  • Mage staff (arcane, triple cost)
  • staff of arcanum (arcane, triple cost)
  • Wands (not counting as weapon because they have constant mana costs)

im sure i am not the first person to point out that the warlord is the only mage who does not have a single handed wepon in his school, and the only mage to have to use 2 hands to deal 4 damage on quick attack

  • warlock - LOF, curse blade
  • Priest - staff of azyra
  • beastmaster - staff of beasts
  • forcemaster - force blade
  • wizard - staff of arcanum (the only non mage exclusive of this list)
as the warlord is suppose to be considered a mage that can melee well(battle skill), why is he so hampered in his equipment department. will there be any consideration in providing the warlord with single handed weapons in the up coming expansions.

note: i am aware that there is single handed promo cards like morning star, but as those have not been officially released in any set they can't be used in competitions

Rules Discussion / Re: Game plan and "cheat sheets"
« on: August 07, 2013, 04:39:52 AM »
I found that just making the spell books was not enough as I had no drive at the start of the match. once I used my excel to plan the first 10 moves my game pace increased dramatically.

Rules Discussion / Re: Game plan and "cheat sheets"
« on: August 05, 2013, 08:57:57 PM »
alright, time to study up

Rules Discussion / Re: Game plan and "cheat sheets"
« on: August 04, 2013, 07:48:20 PM »
If there is no information about this can i assume that it is not illegal?

Rules Discussion / Game plan and "cheat sheets"
« on: August 02, 2013, 11:18:32 PM »
I cant find any mention of this topic.

i have my basic game plan of my first 10 moves in mage wars, and of course i can never play my first 10 moves without deviating to accommodating for the other mage. this topic is not about "you will never get to play 10 turns without change yada yada"

i have my first 10 moves printed onto a sheet of paper (i call this my cheat sheet), am i allowed to bring this sheet of paper with me while i play at comp lvl mage wars.
this can be generalised to "can you look at external information, ie Game notes, game plan, counter plays, X is countered by Y"

i currently have my first 10 moves printed in a excel spread sheet which i printed into 4 mage wars size cards and fit it into the back sheet of my mage book. i find it useful because i can plan stuff like "if i need 21 mana to summon X at turn 7, i cant spend more then 8 mana in turn 4"

a practical example might help
here is an example of my game-play for my temple priestess (pre errata)

if i wanted to summon an angel (east wind is just a place holder) in turn 5, i have no spare mana. so in one game i had to dodge an attack in turn 4 so as i know i spent 9 mana that round i could pick any other spell that would cost 9 or less mana (in this case i chose reverse attack)

so would bringing a printout like this be allowed at any sanctioned event according to Arcane wonders (i understand other TO's can have custom rules, but they usually base it of AW rulings)

General Questions / Re: Upkeep question
« on: July 29, 2013, 12:43:53 AM »
from the rule book p7 where it says "you choose the order for effects for creatures you control".

since you control the warlock even if other player has initiative you can pick the order that stuff effects you warlock. that's what the rules sound like

Website Support and Feedback / Re: BBCode
« on: July 22, 2013, 05:25:57 PM »
I'm trying to find what version of mobile chrome I Am using but I can't. I did just update on the last 10min.

it shows the images pop up but some of the locations where it shows up are off screen.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: TEMPLE RUN!
« on: July 22, 2013, 02:49:19 AM »
some thoughts, climb requires you to spend a full turn to get over a wall so any flying creature will be able to move to next square and attack you indefinably (ie you wont be able to guard).

may i suggest to though in 2-3 maim-wings to drop flying creatures to the ground, and if you wall correctly the other mage cant even dispel it. or get some spell/creature that do bonus damage to flying eg jetstream/eastwind/windspirit

General Discussion / Re: The Eratta.
« on: July 20, 2013, 09:29:20 PM »
if anything mage wars is a living card game. if mage wars wants to make extra money with gold promo cards why not. as long as practical players can still use there old plain cards then its fine with me.

also are we still allowed to use the old card in tournaments if we have a print out of the errata. I ask because I know you can't use proxy cards in comp games will errata be the exception to this rule.

Rules Discussion / Re: ERRATA - Temple of Light
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:59:04 PM »
im sure you did copious play testing on this, and i haven't added it to excel yet. but it just feels like most mages (even the priestess) wont want to dedicate mana to what is a weaker light powered wizards tower anymore.

since it cost mana to attack did you consider giving it a channel value, so then at least with no mage interference it could do a 1 dice attack every round.

i guess on the good side "if" this card isn't going to be used anymore it would warrant future expansions to have additional holy conjurations

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